Palm Readings

Are you wondering about what will come next in your life? Are you longing to know if you will find a mate or have children?  Are you concerned about getting that new job or being able to buy a new home sometime soon? All these answers -and more- can be foretold by Psychic Dena when she performs a palm reading!

A skilled palm reader, Psychic Dena’s psychic abilities and experience in the art of palm reading give her the tools needed to provide her clients with accurate readings. Your palm reading can help you learn more about yourself, your relationships and career possibilities.

Psychic Dena’s kind and gentle manner will put you at ease as she navigates your life through your hands in the privacy of her convenient Edmonds location. She can often see your past, present and future in detail and will not only share the information with you, but will help you to understand the meanings as well as how to interpret your options. Any nervousness you have about meeting with a psychic will disappear when you meet Dena. Her soothing nature will calm you and you’ll find that she is able to explore your hands for the answers you seek. Never shaming or judging, Psychic Dena will share her findings in a compassionate manner. You will leave refreshed and with a new sense of purpose!

Palm reading (also known as “palmistry” or “hand reading”) is an ancient form of divination still practiced today. A palm reader (or “palmist”) understands and interprets the lines on your hand (the Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, Girdl of Venus, Sun Line, Mercury Line, and Fate line) as well as the shape of your hand, fingers, and other details. Each element provides the palm reader with information about your life that holds details you never dreamed you’d find in the palm of your hand!

With a palm reading, Psychic Dena will help you to discover what is yet to come so that you can better prepare for your future. With her psychic abilities, she will guide you towards a clearer understanding of your past, present, and future.  Call this Edmonds psychic for your palm reading. Visit the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment!